How to create a flat lay

Hey, guys! Over the past few weeks, I started to create my own flat lays thinking it can’t be that hard. And tbh it isn’t hard, but it is one of those ‘ practices makes perfect’ tasks. I know myself mine aren’t perfect at all but I’m happy with them, and every time I see them. I can say ‘I did that’ and I’m proud.

Whenever you see your favourite blogger or instagramer, their flat lays are amazing. Ya know, with the marble background, the copper, or the plants poking in on the side and it looks so easy but at the same time hard too. 

Obviously, I don’t have the money to buy marble or any copper items. Damn, I don’t even have enough to buy fake bloody flowers. So this is how I managed to create nice flat lay for nothing. 

I hope you enjoy!
If you have any more tips feel free to comment below.


So hopefully by now, you would have a niche and you know what you are going to be advertising. Make sure you pick something related to your blog or Instagram feed. So if you talk about beauty, choose beauty. Or if its food, choose food.


Now that you have chosen your items to take images of, now its time to choose your background. Whether this is marble or copper or whatever really. It’s up to you. This is the fun bit and it doesn’t cost a penny. What you need to do it, go to your local hardware stores, such as B&Q, Homebase and any other shops that sell wallpaper. Grab your favourite wallpapers and tear off a sample, making sure it’s bigger enough to cover a lot because I made that mistake.
Also, make sure it’s not an overly complicated wallpaper pattern, otherwise you won’t be able to see the items on top.


So it’s time to add the items on top of the wallpaper. I have the wallpaper on a flat surface then I simply throw my items on the wallpaper. Obviously not a huge throw, just drop it slightly from a height. Unless it’s breakable…But if it doesn’t look good, just arrange it a little bit to your liking. If it is makeup palettes, maybe open them slightly so viewers can see the inside. That way they’ll be interested in the item.


This is my favourite part of the whole process. For my flat lay, I took a few pretty purple flowers from my back garden and some petals and I scattered them around the flat lay making it all pretty. I then after taking some images that didn’t look right, as it looked like it was missing something. So I found some copper cage ball fairy lights and placed them on the items and switched them on.


Okay, so once your creation is complete, this part is taking the photo. For this,  you can either use your phone or a camera. For mine, I use my camera (Nikon DSLR) because I want them to be good quality, but also because my phone camera has sand in it and it’s very blurry when taking photos.
Try and get a lot of different angle images, try different heights, maybe use a tripod. However, I prefer free hand.


I try and edit them a little so it’s a bit brighter and sharper. However, I don’t go too crazy otherwise it will look too edited. That’s an easy mistake to make because you want it to look perfect, but sometimes you go too far where it starts to look crap…


Time to post on your social medias. Such as Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. Don’t forget all of them! Also, link your blog to them and use hashtags relevant to the image and your blog.

Here are some images that I took: