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May Favourites 2017

Hi, guys! I cannot believe that it is June already…….. May has gone way too fast.

Just want to apologise because I didn’t post much in May, I was stuck with what to write, also I had a huge pile of college work. Let’s make June an amazing month.

Anyway, let’s get into my May Favourites.



I heard a lot about this and how good it was, so I gave it a go. My god, it was so good! I found it a really inspiring TV show, and like I said in my previous post, I wanted to try and have my own business myself selling clothes. But I’ll leave that for the films and TV shows.

If you haven’t seen it, go straight onto you Netflix, like NOW….

Go on, I’m waiting…. Have you logged in yet?

Right, so you should have said yes. Now stop reading this and watch Girlboss then carry on reading this post. Or read the rest of this post then watch Girlboss….      🙂

I think that Brit Robertson is the perfect actress for this role. I absolutely love her work and the roles she plays, especially this one. I love the story behind it and the whole flipping show.

Go n watch it!!



Okay, recently I found this app on the App Store and I adore it. It’s a bloody life saver.

Basically, it creates anything you want, posters, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, business cards, anything!
I use it for my Instagram posts and my Pinterest posts, by adding an image in the background then some text on top, but they are thousands of templates to choose from. My favourite is the Photo Collage.
The best thing is, its free!!!!! And super easy to use.

Here are some examples of my posts using Canva

To check out more of my creations click here and here.



I recently got into acoustic music after hearing it in college. I then found this playlist on Youtube and it is amazing. I am actually listening to it right now while typing this. It has a huge mix of different songs and artists that I’ve never heard of before, however, there are two songs from Twilight that I know.

This album is so peaceful and relaxing, and it is great to have in the background while doing work. I have tried other Youtube playlists but they’re not as good as this. Give it a try. Click here to hear the playlist.



Ever since I started my blog, I always loved personally taking my time and posting on all of my social media platforms. However, I found this app called Buffer. It basically posts your status’, tweets, etc for you while you’re busy or you may forget.

Whenever I write a blog post, I schedule it for days or weeks in advance. I then go to Buffer and schedule my tweets, Instagrams, and status’  for those days too. So for the days where I’m busy, can’t use my phone or I forget that my blog post went live, Buffer does it all for me. Plus you can add the hashtags with it too, along with videos or images.

Unfortunately, it can’t post directly to your Instagram because there is a bigger process when uploading to Instagram, ya know selecting filters and stuff. But what it does is sets you a reminder, you then go to Buffer and it will copy your status and direct you to Instagram, you then paste the status and post as usual. So there still isn’t a lot of work involved.

You can select any day or time you want in the day, and this is handy if you have some viewers from different countries. So Buffer can tweet at 3 am (UK) while you’re asleep, but your viewers in the US can see it. If that makes sense.

It is amazing! Complete life saver…



Before I started blogging I never used Instagram that much really. However, since having a blog Instagram is my best friend.

If you’re a blogger like me and you’ve just started. You are probably struggling to get decent traffic every day. Sign up for an Instagram account, only for your blog though. Make full use of the hashtags, upload decent pictures. They don’t have to always be your images, but it would be nice if you could create your own.

Instagram gets me a lot of views a day on my blog, just make sure you use the appropriate hashtags, click here to get some ideas. Also comment back, follow back and add your blog link in the bio.

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April Favourites 2017

It would’ve been nice to start my monthly favourites ‘series’ at the start of this year. However, I didn’t have this blog then, and who says I can’t start now.

Within the month April, I found a lot of favourites. I was away on holiday over Easter and managed to get a few things from there. But also, I’ve been getting into a couple of new TV shows.
So grab yourself a cuppa, and let’s get started…



Over the last 7 years, I have tried so many foundations, from high end to low end. I recently finished the last drop of my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation (which was amazing!), however, I needed a new one to last me until I can purchase a new Tarte foundation. So, while I was on holiday in Whitby, I nipped into their Superdrug. Which BTW, is the best store ever!  They have a bigger range of products, new offers, and new makeup brands (and nicer staff)…

Anyway, so I thought I would give this a go, as seen as I have tried the concealer and fell in love. For only £5.99, I couldn’t not get it! And let me tell ya, it’s awesome. Not only does it blend lovely, it’s HIGH coverage…I love a foundation that is cheap and high coverage, oh and the added bonus is how long it stays on for. Right now at 10pm (as I am writing this post) my foundation has stayed put, since 6am this morning!!!
Definitely worth a try. Oh and umm…the Tarte makeup is gonna have to wait because this is my No.1 favourite. Sorry, not sorry!



I have always wanted to try colour correctors but didn’t want to spend the money in case I didn’t like it, or if I forgot to use it. So I saw this for only £1.99!! I love this stuff… I tend to stick to the green, purple, yellow and silver colours, only because I know where to use them.  🙂

It’s so pigmented and covers my dark circles under my eyes, and my red patch on my chin. Blends lovely too! The only problem I have is that it is a little drying if you have dry skin, however, once I apply my foundation, you can’t tell. And tbh you can’t complain, for the price of it.



Okay, so I only started watching this at the end of March – the start of April. It was recommended by a friend, who said it was cheesy but good. So I gave it a go. And OH MY GOODNESS!!! This show is amazing (and cheesy)…I ended up getting my mum to watch it with me and I am now waiting for her to get home so we can watch it together.

So I’ll give you a brief outline if you haven’t watched it yet.

Veronica moves to the town Riverdale after her dad gets arrested and she loses everything. She becomes friends with the main characters, Betty, Jughead, and Archie. Before Veronica arrives at Riverdale, the most loved boy Jason Blossom was killed, and the police are trying to find out who killed him.
I don’t want to say anymore, you just need to watch it. Let me know down in the comments if you have seen it…



I have watched PLL for what feels like forever! I am in love with this show and I don’t know what I am going to do with myself when it’s over. I was super excited for the new episodes to come out this year, and now they are out I have never been so excited to find out who the hell A.D is…Tell me who you think A.D is!!



I have always been a huge lover of Harry Styles and his voice, and he went silent after 1D broke up (apart from the film he is starring in). I first heard this song in the car on the way to Whitby with lots of talking in the background, so I couldn’t quite hear it. About 2 weeks ago I listened to it again, on my own this time. Let’s just say I have it on repeat all the frickin’ time. As its 5 minutes long I have it on repeat for an hour while doing work, then another hour, and so on…

Even though I have listened to this song well over 100 times I still don’t know all the words to it…
It’s nice to have on in the background while doing work, write blog posts (like now) or when I want to relax. Definitely my favourite song of all time.