Chester Zoo

Okay, so I haven’t been to Chester Zoo for almost 5 years!!! It’s my favourite place to go. I’m such an animal lover, so I love it there. I was really proud of myself when we arrivedbecause I drove there myself!!!! Although I have been driving for just a little over a year now and I haven’t driven anywhere out of my comfort zone. So driving to Chester was a huge achievement for me. I had an amazing time there, the sun was out and we managed to see a few animals being fed. Here are some images I took while I was there.

Enjoy! 🙂

My favourite animal is a Giraffe, alongside with an Elephant.
What are your favourite animals?


How to stay positive

Everyone has their down days, however eventually you just want to be more positive about life and sometimes it’s hard when the people around you are always negative.

Every time I have maths, in the morning I always try to be positive about it and think about the overall benefits of passing maths. Staying positive and thinking “you can do it” helps me through my lessons. However it’s sometimes hard because some of my classmates are so negative and hate maths, so they always make negative comments, and their negativity pushes out my positivity, so I end up going into class feeling really down and depressed.

On the other hand, I like to stay positive for all activities and to just make me feel happier. Here are some of my tips on how to stay positive.

What do you like to do to stay positive?


There are so many different apps out there to help you stay positive and happy, however, I wanted to try meditation because I know it could help. I found an app called Calm. It’s free and easy to use. You can select which type of meditation that you want to do, whether that’s to stay calm, anxiety or sleep meditation. I started the anxiety one and it’s a 7-day programme. Each day you listen to 9-12 minutes podcast type thingy and relax. I love this app and it has helped me a lot.

Every morning, I grab a drink and sit on either my bed or floor and pop on the app and listen to the woman, who is so calm and peaceful.


This one is quite an easy one, but try and stay away from negative people in your life. Obviously, this will be hard if they are family or friends. But what I tend to do, is listen to them when they’re moaning or being negative but I kinda zone out a little but make sure I look like I’m interested. In my head I sometimes have a little moan about the person talking to me, for example:

Friend: I really don’t want to do this, it’s so annoying and it’s going to ruin my life
Me (inside voice): Oh, shut up! It isn’t going to ruin your life and yes it’s a little bit annoying but so are you…

Always remember INSIDE voice, otherwise, you’ll lose a few friends.
Also, maybe try and tell them it’s going to be okay! Give some of your positivity to them.


Pop quotes up all over your room, or have one as your wallpaper on all your devices. Just surround yourself with positive quotes. Pinterest, Tumblr and Google are full of quotes.
I have a section of my wall where I have a few of my favourite quotes. To see my favourite quotes, click here.
Quotes help me a lot, whenever I’m having a down day I search for a few online and save them, or I look at my wall and just stare at them till I start to feel a little bit better.

  “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”
-J.K Rowling


It’s really important to remember to have some time to yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. Just take out 10 minutes a day or an hour a week to do some things that make you happy. Here’s a list of things you can do to stay positive and happy:

– Read
– Listen to music
– Shop (online or actual shops)
– Have a chilled bath, with your favourite bubbles
– Watch a movie, you’ve been wanting to watch forever
– Stick quotes up around your room
– Go for a walk
– It’s up to you


Fidget Spinner Craze

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 21.04.17
 Over the last week or so, the whole world has been going mental over these Fidget Spinners. I didn’t have a flipping clue what the hell they were, all I knew was that the whole world had them and I didn’t!!! 

My little brother has been begging us for one for a while now, but everywhere was sold out! And you know what kids are like, can’t wait for anything because we wanted to order one from EBay or Amazon. But he wanted one NOW! 

So, today I managed to get one from one of those phone cases stalls in town centres. £4.00!!!!
How the hell can a spinning plastic thingy cost so much. Still got it though 😂 wanted to see what the whole craze was about. Jack (brother) got one too. 

To be honest, they are quite addicting once you start spinning, you can’t stop…

Personally, I don’t think kids or adults should have them unless they do have ADHD or anxiety because that is what they are for. And to be fair I do have anxiety so I’m allowed, surely?! As for my brother…

I actually might start collecting them, as they are interesting and there are plenty of them out there, neon, plain colours, pattern, and tonnes more. However this time I am defiantly ordering them online because they are so much cheaper. 

What do you think about the whole Fidget Spinner Craze?
If you have one, what colour do you have?


20 things about me​

I was quite stuck on what to write for today’s post, so I thought I would include 20 things you don’t know about me. I think it’s nice to tell people a little more about you, so they know who you are. Some of these are quite personal, but hey ho! Trust me, my blog posts will be getting better soon.

1. I passed my driving test and theory first time, last year!
2. I’m too scared to drive on the motorway
3. I love to be organised, however, I’m not the tidiest
4. I don’t read a lot
5. I’ve got anxiety

6. I have had 4 other blogs in the past, but they didn’t work out
7. I don’t go out at weekends (like parties)
8. I don’t have a job, and I need one
9. I hate college
10. I hate cats :\

11. I’m Church of England
12. I’ve moved house 5 times since I was born in 1998
13. I was bullied throughout my school years
14. I had horse riding lessons when I was 6 years old
15. I’m allergic to all animals, but I have a dog and 3 chickens

16. I can’t sing
17. I can’t swim
18. I have to sleep in the dark
19. I prefer showers to baths
20. I am an organ donor and a blood donor


Ways to make money

As a teen, I find it hard to earn a little pocket money on the side of a full-time college course. So recently I found 3 ways I have been making money online.

I have to admit, after watching the entire season of Girl Boss in one sitting, I did want to start selling vintage clothes online but I remembered that I’m not in a TV show or film…

That’s when I decided to find some easy ways to make money online the easy way.


Over the past few weeks, I have been visiting my grandparent’s house, who have been having a huge clear out of random junk that they have. So, I decided to sell a few things online. That way my grandparent’s house is junk free and I get to earn a little bit of cash too.

I find that the best way to sell items is on Facebook groups, such as buy it, sell it, groups. Simply just join a few, take pictures of your item you want to sell, add a price, title and a description and bobs your uncle.

Bank holiday Sunday just gone, I actually managed to sell a new sun lounger that my nan found in the shed. I popped it onto Facebook and within minutes, literally within minutes, I had 3 responses. Not a lot but it went within the hour and I earned £5…

You don’t have to use Facebook groups though, you can also you a website called Gumtree. Or you can even use Ebay. However, the reason why I love Facebook groups so much is that you can find groups in your town so if you need to deliver or collect it’s not far to go.


Me and my mum actually had a little business going a few years back buying old furniture and re-painting them, then selling them on Ebay or Facebook.

It’s so simple, but it does take a lot of work and you don’t earn a huge profit each time.

We would either buy cheap cabinets or drawers or find them for free on Freegle. Then we would go to our local B&Q store and purchase some paint, our favourite was the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which is expensive but totally worth it.

There are plenty of Youtube videos out there to help you get started.

Heres an example of the price:
Furniture = £5 <
Paint = £18
Wax, sandpaper, decoration (door handles) = £15 >
Total = £38

We would then sell the finishing product for about £40 – £80 if not more. So the profit isn’t huge, however, it does depend on the size of the item and whether it’s good quality too.


So, I haven’t yet tried this, however, I am currently in the middle of writing an Ebook. Yay!
So if you would like to see more posts about writing an Ebook I will be honoured.

However, I have seen that a lot of people do make a good amount of money writing and selling Ebooks.

Simply write a decent book, it can be a short one or a huge one, or it can also be a series like Harry Potter. It can be about anything. Then what you do it upload it to Amazon.

And wait…

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

If you have any ways to earn money online, feel free to add them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading


How to create a flat lay

Hey, guys! Over the past few weeks, I started to create my own flat lays thinking it can’t be that hard. And tbh it isn’t hard, but it is one of those ‘ practices makes perfect’ tasks. I know myself mine aren’t perfect at all but I’m happy with them, and every time I see them. I can say ‘I did that’ and I’m proud.

Whenever you see your favourite blogger or instagramer, their flat lays are amazing. Ya know, with the marble background, the copper, or the plants poking in on the side and it looks so easy but at the same time hard too. 

Obviously, I don’t have the money to buy marble or any copper items. Damn, I don’t even have enough to buy fake bloody flowers. So this is how I managed to create nice flat lay for nothing. 

I hope you enjoy!
If you have any more tips feel free to comment below.


So hopefully by now, you would have a niche and you know what you are going to be advertising. Make sure you pick something related to your blog or Instagram feed. So if you talk about beauty, choose beauty. Or if its food, choose food.


Now that you have chosen your items to take images of, now its time to choose your background. Whether this is marble or copper or whatever really. It’s up to you. This is the fun bit and it doesn’t cost a penny. What you need to do it, go to your local hardware stores, such as B&Q, Homebase and any other shops that sell wallpaper. Grab your favourite wallpapers and tear off a sample, making sure it’s bigger enough to cover a lot because I made that mistake.
Also, make sure it’s not an overly complicated wallpaper pattern, otherwise you won’t be able to see the items on top.


So it’s time to add the items on top of the wallpaper. I have the wallpaper on a flat surface then I simply throw my items on the wallpaper. Obviously not a huge throw, just drop it slightly from a height. Unless it’s breakable…But if it doesn’t look good, just arrange it a little bit to your liking. If it is makeup palettes, maybe open them slightly so viewers can see the inside. That way they’ll be interested in the item.


This is my favourite part of the whole process. For my flat lay, I took a few pretty purple flowers from my back garden and some petals and I scattered them around the flat lay making it all pretty. I then after taking some images that didn’t look right, as it looked like it was missing something. So I found some copper cage ball fairy lights and placed them on the items and switched them on.


Okay, so once your creation is complete, this part is taking the photo. For this,  you can either use your phone or a camera. For mine, I use my camera (Nikon DSLR) because I want them to be good quality, but also because my phone camera has sand in it and it’s very blurry when taking photos.
Try and get a lot of different angle images, try different heights, maybe use a tripod. However, I prefer free hand.


I try and edit them a little so it’s a bit brighter and sharper. However, I don’t go too crazy otherwise it will look too edited. That’s an easy mistake to make because you want it to look perfect, but sometimes you go too far where it starts to look crap…


Time to post on your social medias. Such as Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. Don’t forget all of them! Also, link your blog to them and use hashtags relevant to the image and your blog.

Here are some images that I took: