What’s in my makeup bag

Whenever I am reading through other blogs, I love to read about what is in everyone’s makeup bags. It gives me new ideas and products to try.
So I thought I would share with you some of the products that help me look more alive in the morning.
I hope you enjoy this post.
Have you tried these products? If so, whats your fav?


Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation
I’ve had this for 6 months now and I’m almost at the end….
Let me tell ya, this product is fricking amazing! The coverage of this foundation is the best. So I have a lot of freckles and I’m not keen on them, therefore I like to cover them up as much as possible. And this stuff does the job, really well. It’s a full coverage foundation, which in my opinion is quite hard to find these days because everyone is obsessed with BB creams or CC creams. The creams that don’t cover nowt!!
Also with the ROTS foundation, the colours are perfect. They have a huge range of colours and the one that I have is a perfect match for my pale, pale skin.
The consistency is also so good, liquidity and goes everywhere…But the best thing about this is that it doesn’t dry up on your face. It doesn’t cake, and the main thing for me is that it doesn’t clump up on already their dry patches. I just love it!!


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:
This concealer is so good! I saw that Zoella was using it a few years ago and I decided to give it ago. And I fell in love….
The coverage is amazeballs. It completely covers my dark, dark circles under my tired eyes. The colour is perfect and goes really well with the Tarte ROTS foundation. The concealer blends lovely and doesn’t dry up, which is the main thing for me because I get dry skin under my eyes and the concealer doesn’t clump up. 


Collection Lasting Perfection Powder:
There’s not much to say really, as it is just a powder. However it is a really good powder, because of the coverage, and the fact it doesn’t dry up and doesn’t look patchy. I tend to go for transparent because I don’t need to add any more colour on my face, but I do have a coloured powder and it is really good if I am running out of foundation, this kinda does the rest of the job for me. Very pleased with this inexpensive product.


Collection Contour Kit, Highlights and Sculpt:
I bought this while ago now and it has lasted for ages, and I literally use it every day without fail. I mainly use the highlighters, because it is a really nice and subtle colour/highlight on my cheek bones, down my nose and under my brows. It lasts all day, it isn’t patchy and it blends lovely. Unfortunately, I’ve hit pan 😦 so I will need a new one soon and I will deffo be getting this again.
For the contour, it is a lovely shade of brown, it’s not too orange so you look like you’ve not blended properly and it isn’t to brown. It’s a gorgeous colour. Although I don’t use it that often because I don’t contour. Mainly because I don’t know how, but also because it doesn’t look right on me.


Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea, Eye and Cheek Palette:
Okay, this is fricking awesome!!! Not only is it an eyeshadow palette, it also has a blusher in it. Buttttt!! It’s no ordinary blusher. It’s the best blusher (to me) in the entire world. Not kidding. I have never been a blusher fan because they don’t suit me and don’t look right. However, I tried this and OMG….I use it all the time. Its got a lovely glow to it, so I don’t need as much highlight and it makes me glow and it looks amazing. But also I think it has helped my makeup look tidier. It blend amazingly, and the colour is really good for pale skin.
Right, for the eyeshadow. Let me tell ya’!! Once again, just amazing! I tend to stick with Tide, Sunset, Sandcastle, who am I kidding, I use all of em….They are gorgeous on the eye, blend really well and last for ages. Plus it comes off easy with a wipe but doesn’t come off in the rain. If ya get me?!!!! So yeah, amazing product.


Tarte Tartiest Mascara:
Not much to say really, apart from WOW WIE!!!!!! So, I have quite small, short eyelashes but I love them long, and this product is so flipping amazing its like I have falsies on, without the drag and the time it takes to place them on, only to realise its the wrong side.
Also, I am not a huge fan of plastic wands but this is an exception. The wand doesn’t drag on the eye, the product doesn’t irritate the eye and it comes off so easy. I’m in love.
However, I have none left 😦 

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