Pamper Night

So as seen as it’s Friday, I thought I would upload a blog post talking through my Friday pamper nights.

It’s the end of a long, and tiring week. All you’ve done is work really hard, and I bet you are absolutely shattered and all you want to do is relax and have a long, long bath. With a glass of wine…?

I’m now going to go through my pamper night with you.

Hope you enjoy!


This is my favourite part, washing off all my makeup…
Starting off with a makeup remover wipe, I completely wipe off my layers of foundation. I then wash my face with a facial wash. I use the Neutrogena wipes and wash in the grapefruit scent. Neutrogena my favourite brand, especially for dry skin. 


This is one of the most important steps to do after taking your makeup off and damaging your skin. Personally, I prefer gels, as they’re not as greasy on my face because it literally takes seconds for it to soak in. At the minute I’m loving the Simply Beautiful Collection (SBC), they supply a huge range of gels, shower gels and bath soaks. They have Collagen, Aloe Vera, Propolis and lots more! Arnica gel is great for aches and pains all over the body, and the best part is all ages can use it…


After my face is all clean and soft, I head to the bathroom and run myself a warm bubble bath, with all of my favourite soaps.
So (caught red handed) I use Zoella Bath Latte first, running that under the tap. I then pour in a ton of Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Salts. Lastly, I add a bath bomb from Lush. 


While my bath is running, I nip downstairs and grab a large glass of wine. However, I tend to opt for water. But if it’s been a hell of a week, wine it is…
My favourite is red.


My favourite part of bath time is lighting up all of my candles. I love the Yankee Candles. I just love how candles can completely relax me and create an amazing atmosphere. And the smells lurking in the room are so good!!
Happy Spring and Pink Sands are my favourite scents for this time of the year.


Either during my bath or after I like to read. This is the time when I switch my phone off or turn it on do not disturb and just chill.
I am currently reading Zoella’s book Girl Online 2, and I am also loving 13 Reasons Why. I have seen the TV Show but I thought I would read the book and I love it!! 

*(Amazon Affiliates are included within this post)*


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