Fidget Spinner Craze

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 21.04.17
 Over the last week or so, the whole world has been going mental over these Fidget Spinners. I didn’t have a flipping clue what the hell they were, all I knew was that the whole world had them and I didn’t!!! 

My little brother has been begging us for one for a while now, but everywhere was sold out! And you know what kids are like, can’t wait for anything because we wanted to order one from EBay or Amazon. But he wanted one NOW! 

So, today I managed to get one from one of those phone cases stalls in town centres. £4.00!!!!
How the hell can a spinning plastic thingy cost so much. Still got it though 😂 wanted to see what the whole craze was about. Jack (brother) got one too. 

To be honest, they are quite addicting once you start spinning, you can’t stop…

Personally, I don’t think kids or adults should have them unless they do have ADHD or anxiety because that is what they are for. And to be fair I do have anxiety so I’m allowed, surely?! As for my brother…

I actually might start collecting them, as they are interesting and there are plenty of them out there, neon, plain colours, pattern, and tonnes more. However this time I am defiantly ordering them online because they are so much cheaper. 

What do you think about the whole Fidget Spinner Craze?
If you have one, what colour do you have?


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